(Nell Casey) Many would argue that it's impossible to capture the essence of New York City in a single food item. But that has not stopped Ben & Jerry's, who have launched an online and IRL voting system so New Yorkers can help create a NYC-centric flavor. The company offers choices for possible base flavors and ingredients, including options from local vendors like Liddabit Sweets, Spoonable Caramels and Sixpoint Brewery. But they've left the flavor decision-making to the fans, sort of.

Their ambitious selection system includes tracking subway trains that arrive at the station on time (HA!) to decide between waffle cone pieces or Spoonable Caramel; tallying up baskets at a pickup basketball game on West 4th Street for brownies versus marshmallows; and photos tagged on Instagram as #highline or #centralpark for Littlebit Sweets or Yellow Cake Pieces. They'll also mark recycling bins with caramel and fudge for a "Spoon Ballot" when their Scoop Truck parks around town.

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Photo Credit: YouTube