A giant rubber duckie is causing a rubber duck craze in Hong Kong. A six-story-tall rubber duck designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is resulting in vendors selling rubber ducks left and right. The inflatable duck was brought into Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour May 2, but was found deflated Wednesday morning.

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Don't worry, the deflated duck isn't the work of vandals, as Harbour City @hkharbourcity tweeted, "Rubber Duck: 'Don’t worry guys! It’s just a normal body check. I promise I will be back real soon. Quack Quack!'”

The giant rubber duck first launched in 2008 and has visited Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo, and Amsterdam. According to CNN, the duck is supposed to stay in Victoria Harbour until June 9, with its next stop being the United States. However, no one knows where in the United States the duck will show up. Could we be seeing a giant rubber duck floating in the Hudson River? Stay tuned.