Could there be a "Seinfeld" reunion? Well, yes and no. The gang is not getting back together on TV, but there was a Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander (George Costanza) sighting at Tom's Restaurant on the Upper West Side on Monday. Tom’s Restaurant served as the exterior for Monk’s Diner on “Seinfeld.”

This comes just days after Seinfeld teased fans on Reddit by saying he and Larry David were working on a major project together. Gossip sites have been reporting that Seinfeld and David could be working on a Broadway play together. David was also spotted at Tom's Restaurant (see below).

According to Gothamist, a camera crew was inside Tom's Restaurant filming, leading people to believe that they were filming for Seinfeld's "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" web series.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Stephen Lovekin