(Rebecca Fishbein) It's been a while since we've heard from the Jersey Shore cast, now that Snooki's raising her little meatball in relative peace. And though the crew's already blessed us with a few mediocre spinoffs—Snooki and JWoww, of course, in addition to the Pauly D Project (is that still happening?). But The Show with Vinny, which premieres tonight on MTV and stars Vinny Guadagnino, brings the camera crew out to Staten Island, and, if the whole season's as adorable as the pilot, it might actually be worth watching.

Vinny is the Jersey Shore denizen nearest and dearest to my heart, probably because he never delved into the same cartoon character quality the rest of his Shore house roommates boasted. And The Show with Vinny removes him from the Shore completely, putting him back at home Staten Island where he is well-fed, nagged and doted on by his mother and sister, and occasionally tortured by a shirtless Uncle Nino who sounds like the slurring lovechild of Rocky and Carmine Corleone.

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