Actor Steve Schirripa was on WOR 710 with Mark Simone on Wednesday to talk about his new book "Big Daddy's Rules: Raising Daughters Is Tougher Than I Look." During the interview, Schirripa's run as Bobby Baccalieri on "Sopranos" came up, which ultimately led to talk about the show's controversial last scene and reunion rumors.

Show creator David Chase's ending to "Sopranos," which consisted of the screen going black, still has fans speculating as to whether or not Tony Soprano was killed. Schirripa told Simone that he doesn't think Tony Soprano was killed in the show's final scene. The actor also said he thinks there is “no chance” for a "Sopranos" movie.  Listen below to part of Mark Simone's interview with Steve Schirripa on WOR 710 .

Photo Credit: Getty Images