It doesn't look like Kris Jenner's new daytime talk show on FOX is going as smoothly as she had hoped. Jenner's new show "Kris" has been getting terrible reviews from TV critics and now Jenner is reduced to trying to bribe at least one TV critic for better reviews.

Linda Stasi of the New York Post wrote a scathing review of Jenner's new show where she said "Kris" should come with a "hazard warning." Stasi went on to write that Jenner "comes across as a spoiled, vacuous woman with nothing to say of any interest, importance or humor." So how did Jenner respond? According to Stasi, Jenner tried to bribe her for a better review!

Stasi told readers that Jenner sent her cupcakes, a $325 sterling silver Tiffany pen, and a nice note. According to the Radar Online the note read:

"Dear Linda, Sorry you didn’t like the show. I’m still a huge fan of your column. Love and blessings, Kris. P.S. When you think I’ve improved, maybe you will write a better REVIEW with this!”

Stasi was on "The Joan Hamburg Show" Tuesday to talk about Jenner's bribe and the TV critic was not shy about her feelings towards Jenner, Jenner’s family, and "Kris."

"She has as much business hosting a talk show as her talentless daughter (Khloe Kardashian) had hosting a talent show," Stasi said. The New York Post TV critic told Joan that she was "astounded" when she realized Jenner was sending her a bribe.

Listen to Joan Hamburg's interview with the NY Post's Linda Stasi below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Theo Wargo