The bad news for New York Yankees fans is that the team lost 2-0 Tuesday night to the Colorado Rockies. The good news is that the Yankees are selling Groupon discount tickets to home games. Could it be? Is there now an affordable way to watch a Yankees game?

The Yankees may have a winning record through the first 31 games of the season, but the team is missing a number of big stars. Because of a rare lack of star power and high ticket prices, attendance is down at Yankees Stadium this season. The Yankees, currently 18-13 and in third place in the AL East, have an average attendance of 37,414 this season according AM New York. This is down from 40,710 at this time last season.

Starting on Tuesday, Groupon started listing weekday home game tickets to Yankees Stadium for just $22. AM New York reports that these games against the Cleveland Indians and Seattle Mariners are down from $48.

The Yankees have played well despite injuries to Alex Rodriguez, Mark Texiera, Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter, and others. As bad as it seems for Yankees fans at least you’re not a Mets fan. The Mets are 13-16 on the season and they have an average attendance of 26,344 at Citi Field so far this season.

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