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"Glee" fans are learning more about who Demi Lovato will be playing in her guest role on the upcoming season. 

The show's Naya Rivera is dishing about the pop star's role to "MTV," saying Demi's character, Dani, will be playing her character Santana's "love interest."  Rivera jokes that "Glee" is "bringing her to the dark side." 

It's already been confirmed that Demi's character will be interacting mostly with Santana and Rachel, played by Lea Michele, as she plays a struggling artist in New York City who befriends the girls. 

"E! News" reports that one of the songs Demi and Naya will be singing is the Beatles' "Here Comes The Sun." 

The former Disney star has tweeted that she will start shooting this week and is excited to be returning to acting.  The new season of "Glee" premieres on September 26th. 

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