Woman Used T-Shirt Cannon To Launch Contraband Into Prison

Kerri Jo Hickman

An Oklahoma woman was arrested after authorities say she used a t-shirt cannon to launch a package filled with contraband into a prison. Guards at North Fork Correctional Center saw the package fly over the fence and land near a building where inmates are housed. They locked down the building and retrieved the package which contained cell phones, marijuana, tobacco, a digital scale, and methamphetamine.

Authorities say that Kerri Jo Hickman fired the package over the wall and then fled in her car. She was pulled over by Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers not far from the prison. They searched her vehicle and found a t-shirt cannon along with a second plastic package.

Hickman was taken into custody and is facing charges of introducing contraband into a penal institution, conspiracy, and drug trafficking.

Photo: Beckham County Jail


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